The Economy

It’s time for the government to step up its commitment to the Australian people and not just to tax. Businesses around the country are suffering from the world eccononic downturn and this goverment is on fairy land thinking we are lucky. I say to the polititions look around – people and businesses are hurting and your small handout you’ve given to a limited class of people is a bit of a joke.

To really enable the Australian people to enjoy the benefits of living in our reasource rich country the government needs to address the following:

The reserve bank needs to reduce interest rates not by the usual safe .25 but by .50 basis points, which might start giving the public and business more confidence that action is being taken.

They need to stabilise the buiding and real estate industry by introducing more incentives before the situation worsens and people can’t afford to buy and can’t afford to rent either.

When GST came in stamp duty was going to be abolished, now it’s time to do the right thing and abolish the stamp duty on the tranfer of land.

There is still time for the government to assist small buisness which is the backbone of this country and provide an environment that allows the Australian people to flourish.

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